New Issue of IReflect Published

We hereby present you our ninth issue of IReflect – which unfortunately will also be the last one for the time being. We therefore recommend this latest issue of IReflect in particular.

The articles – as usual presenting a wide range of topics – address the relation between free trade and food security (Raquel Munayer), examine the Bolivian-Iranian relations through the prism of strategic partnership (Elena Sandmann), shed light on the genesis of the JCPOA “Iran deal” by means of the legalization approach (Julian Tobias Klar), and, lastly, explain the Colombian government’s domestic rationale to deploy UN-peacekeeping personnel (Rafael Uribe-Neira).

In addition, there is one IReflect on “Trade Agreements and Public Health” included in this issue.

For downloading the complete issue or individual articles please go to Aktuelle Ausgabe | Current Issue.

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